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Facing Your Fear of Total Blindness

The Fear: If I only have one eye left, that means that I am only one eye away from total blindness. And what about if what happens to the eye I lost happens in my good eye, I will be blind."


This is the fear that you will face both before and after the loss of your eye. This fear is so great that some people will try radical surgeries to save their eye, even to the extent of putting their overall health at risk. I faced this fear, and learned to cope with it to the extent I hardly ever consciously think about it. But if this fear is causing you significant worry, your first step is to talk to somebody about it.


The truth is that very few people actually lose even one eye, and that most people go their entire lives with both eyes meaning they never lost an eye. So long as you take care to protect your remaining eye, your odds of losing the sight in both eyes is very low.


Even if something does happen, you will not be blind in the traditional sense of the term. New technology is allowing people who have been blind for many years to see, using microchips implanted just outside the skull which connect to miniature cameras fitted on a pair of glasses. This technology allows persons who were blind to navigate, identify and pick up objects, and even read letters as small as 2 inches in height. And this is just the first generation of this technology. Plus, new computer technology allows you to control your computer by voice, and to have your computer read text to you. So, it is very unlikely that you will lose your mobility or ability to earn a living. Who knows: Maybe in a few years technology will be able to replace the eye you lost, or maybe even give you better eyesight that what you had before!


So, you should stow this fear of total blindness. Your goal from here on out should be to live every day to the fullest and enjoy life. Worrying about losing your remaining eye is incompatible with that goal. If sometime in the future it happens, then it happens and you can deal with it via new technology then. In the interim, enjoy life all you can. It is time for you to adopt my credo: "Have a good time -- all the time."




Toward an Artificial Eye -- by Gislin Dagnelie and Robert W. Massof, Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, discusses how advances in technology may provide viable substitutes for lost eyes. http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/publicaccess/9605teaser/9605vis2.html


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