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Protecting Your Good Eye

You will want to give your remaining eye much better protection and treatment than you have before. First and foremost, this must include very regular visits (at least every six months, if not more frequent) to a qualified medical professional to check your remaining eye for any diseases or abnormalities.


Second, you must take other special precautions to protect your remaining eye. Glasses are a must. Before I had my eye removed, I went to an eyeglass store and purchased several pairs of wraparound prescription sunglasses, of the type you normally see in a Clint Eastwood cop movie or on Arnold Schwartzenegger. These give my eye substantial protection from accidents, as well as protect it from harmful UV rays. They are also stylish, and I don't have any problems wearing them indoor or out in all situations.


Even around the house you should wear glasses to protect your remaining eye, and preferably safety glasses. If your work or hobbies include wood or metal working, you must use safety goggles (you should have been using them anyway).


You should probably avoid any surgical procedures on your eyes, such as corrective surgery, which have even the risk of introducing disease or abnormalities into your good eye. For most people, it just will not be worth the risk of losing sight. If you are compelled to have some form of eye surgery, have it done in one of the several well-known eye institutes around the nation, and not just by your local practitioner.


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