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We get a lot of letters from folks, but these are a few letters which may help you understand what people go through.


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I like your site. I am a 57 year old male. One week ago I lost my left eye to squamous cell cancer on and around the eye. The procedure was called a complete exenteration. The eye was removed, along with all associated tissue, including muscles and lids, right down to the bone.

I am currently shopping for a eye patch. It will be months before the skin (and scar tissue) creeps in to cover the bone. Then, I can consider a prosthesis. Do you have any advise on patches? I can't get by with just dark glasses because my socket is open and must be protected from contamination.

My thought for the day:

"Any wuss can agree to donate his organs to cancer research after his death. A real man doesn't wait that long!"

Life is a gift from God. Good health is a bonus.



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