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Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:44 pm

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Hi I saw a post below re: DTC
Got me thinking.
Has anyone else managed to get this credit apptoved in canada?
I looked through the critereas and don't think I could get approved aside from having a glass eye and being a lol crazy I don't consider it an impairment in my day to day.
Would love to hear everyone's feedback

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Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:43 pm

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Canada Revenue is getting real picky about who gets DTC. To get it, you need a lot more than missing one eye. There needs to be a more serious problem with your health. They just announced that people with Type 1 diabetes are no longer eligible. Go figure.

Left eye vision loss 2012 (accident), Enucleation 2015, Prosthesis 3/2015, another 10/2015

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Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:50 am

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I know that regarding being monocular as any type of disability, that's a very tough case! I finally gave in (40 years later) and realized that my medical situation was definitely steering my life, and I filed for SS Disability here in the States. I did it myself and was successful on the 1st try. They DID ask me for a ton of information (which I had) and it took about 6 months to complete everything. 1 year later I got on Medicare, which has been great.

Being that you're in Canada, there must be something you could do if you're truly disabled by being monocular. I hope you figure it out! We all should write books on this topic to help future people wondering about the same topic!
P.S.: The ONLY reason I qualified for my disability was because I still had the BB lodged in my socket and it caused daily pain to the point of my not being able to work. It got increasingly more painful each year.

F/56/Happily Married/enucleation 44 years ago- bb gun accident. Going to replace old implant due to severe changes in my socket. Hoping for the best, while thanking Dr. Slonim for his constant sage advice!

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