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Since I started this website, there has been a slowly growing recognition of the need for support for persons who are about to lose an eye, or have lost an eye (although the people who have lost an eye quickly figure out that it is only an inconvenience, and really only need support in the way that they are perceived by others).


United Kingdom Support Groups


C.E.L.L. "Cancer of the Eye Link Line"

C.E.L.L, P.O.Box 2586, Radstock, Bath, BA3 2YP, Tel: 01761 411055, cell@zoom.co.uk



Read your web-page with interest In the summer of 1993 a routine eye test revealed an abnormality behind the pupil of my left eye and like you I was sent post-haste to my local hospital. After a second opinion and many tests malignant melanoma was diagnosed.


Six weeks after the initial diagnosis my left eye was removed. I wondered how I would cope. To my Knowledge I had never met anyone with one eye-apart from the lady the hospital asked to call on me just before I went in for the operation. Her diagnosis had been different from mine, but her artificial eye looked fine. She also had no qualms about removing it for inspection in the early days worry about the cancer far outweighed the problems that resulted from losing an eye Though I recognise the need for speedy action in cases like mine, I do believe the mind needs time to adjust.


I don't suppose I have fully accepted how I look, although most people say they cannot tell the difference between my real and artificial eye. I shall know I have fully accepted it when I can leave home without my tinted glasses.


Because there was no one to talk to about my fears and how I felt seven years ago when it was happening to me, I set up a local group ( with the help of the local blind association ) called ONE VISION. We offer support information assistance and understanding to people with monocular vision. The word spread and soon calls were coming in thick and fast from all over the UK Our work continues and at present discussions are being held to decide if we should become a registered charity I must say I really laughed when I read the bit about you writing on your forehead before the operation You seem to have a really good positive attitude, that really helps. I was very negative at the time and without the daily support of husband and family I would have found it difficult to cope.


I hope your web-site goes from strength to strength and I hope to set up something similar here in the UK

Best wishes Wendy.





A support group based in Sunderland in the North East of England.



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